The Four Commandments

I have four simple rules for everyone to follow. Adhere to them and we’ll have no problems.

1) Thou shalt be respectful of other readers on here. Whosoever believeth that Paranormal Activity 16 shouldst win Best Picture is free to do so, but thou must know that others may not be like-minded. If thou art rude, offensive or disrespectful to anyone on here, thine comment will not be deleted, but shall be displayed for all the world to see the tool that thou art.

2) Thou art free to debate. Verily, verily, I say unto you, debate is welcome. Whosoever chooseth to debate must abide by the first commandment.

3) Thou shalt realize all film is subjective. Blessed are those that seek the summer blockbusters. Blessed are those that seek the Oscar baits. Blessed are those that seek the arthouse indie flicks. Blessed are even those that seek the garbage movies in January. For I am persuaded that thou canst cherish both J. J. Abrams and Terrence Malick films. Behold, I am walking proof.

4) For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, neither are my top 10 best or worst whatever lists not your top 10 best or worst whatever lists, thus saith the Silver Screen Fanatic.

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