What the Hell Were They Thinking?!

Our only hope from Gene Simmons in drag… is Uncle Jesse. Cast of Characters: Lance Stargrove – John Stamos Danja Deering – Vanity Velvet Von Ragnar – Gene Simmons Arliss – John Anderson Riley – Robert Englund Drew Stargrove – Continue reading What the Hell Were They Thinking?!

Proud Mary

The only rivers this Mary goes rollin’ down are the rivers of blood from her body count. Cast of Characters: Mary Goodwin – Taraji P. Henson Tom – Billy Brown Danny – Jahi Di’Allo Winston Walter – Neal McDonough Uncle Continue reading Proud Mary

The Commuter

First it was his daughter, then terrorists on planes, and now trains – can we just let Liam Neeson have one peaceful day all to himself? Cast of Characters: Michael McCauley – Liam Neeson Joanna – Vera Farmiga Det. Alex Continue reading The Commuter

Benjamin’s Stash

The adoption rate just plummeted thanks to this film. Cast of Characters: Kate Coleman – Vera Farmiga John Coleman – Peter Sarsgaard Esther – Isabelle Fuhrman Sister Abigail – C. C. H. Pounder Daniel Coleman – Jimmy Bennett Max Coleman Continue reading Benjamin’s Stash