The Midnight Man

As long as he ain’t the Bye Bye Man, this monster can come out as late as he wants. Cast of Characters: Anna – Lin Shaye Alex Luster – Gabrielle Haugh Miles – Grayson Gabriel Kelly – Emily Haine Annie Continue reading The Midnight Man

What the Hell Were They Thinking?!

Our only hope from Gene Simmons in drag… is Uncle Jesse. Cast of Characters: Lance Stargrove – John Stamos Danja Deering – Vanity Velvet Von Ragnar – Gene Simmons Arliss – John Anderson Riley – Robert Englund Drew Stargrove – Continue reading What the Hell Were They Thinking?!

Benjamin’s Stash

He’s every chalkboard’s worst nightmare. John Saxon, Heather Langenkamp, Robert Englund and Academy Award nominee Johnny Depp star in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Cast of Characters: Lt. Don Thompson – John Saxon Marge Thompson – Ronee Blakley Nancy Thompson Continue reading Benjamin’s Stash

Top 50 Movie Villains of All-Time: Part V

Hello readers! Here we are, the top 10 very best out of the 50 greatest villains in film. You can recap the previous 40 villains with #50-41 here, #40-31 here, #30-21 here and #20-11 here. Before we begin, pairing any Continue reading Top 50 Movie Villains of All-Time: Part V