The Bye Bye Man

The Bye Bye Man Featured

Meet the thrift shop version of Candyman. Douglas Smith, Lucien Laviscount, Cressida Bonas, Carrie-Anne Moss and Academy Award winner Faye Dunaway star in The Bye Bye Man. Cast of Characters: Elliot – Douglas Smith John – Lucien Laviscount Sasha – Continue reading The Bye Bye Man

Benjamin’s Stash


Trash sells. Academy Award winners Faye Dunaway, William Holden, Peter Finch, Robert Duvall, Beatrice Straight and Academy Award nominee Ned Beatty star in Sidney Lumet’s Network. Cast of Characters: Diana Christensen – Faye Dunaway Max Schumacher – William Holden Howard Continue reading Benjamin’s Stash

What the Hell Were They Thinking?!


Superman IV: The Quest for Peace just got bitch-slapped with estrogen. Academy Award winner Faye Dunaway, Helen Slater, Peter Cook and Academy Award nominee Peter O’Toole star in Supergirl. Cast of Characters: Selena – Faye Dunaway Kara Zor-El / Linda Continue reading What the Hell Were They Thinking?!