Mom and Dad

These parents take tough love to a whole, new disturbing level. Cast of Characters: Brent Ryan – Nicolas Cage Kendall Ryan – Selma Blair Carly Ryan – Anne Winters Josh Ryan – Zackary Arthur Mel Ryan – Lance Henriksen Director Continue reading Mom and Dad

The Midnight Man

As long as he ain’t the Bye Bye Man, this monster can come out as late as he wants. Cast of Characters: Anna – Lin Shaye Alex Luster – Gabrielle Haugh Miles – Grayson Gabriel Kelly – Emily Haine Annie Continue reading The Midnight Man

Benjamin’s Stash

In honor of Leonidas, this entire review will be done all in BOLD! AGRESSIVE! CAPS!!!! Cast of Characters: King Leonidas – Gerard Butler Queen Gorgo – Lena Headey Dilios – David Wenham Capt. Artemis – Vincent Regan Stelios – Michael Fassbender Continue reading Benjamin’s Stash

What the Hell Were They Thinking?!

Our only hope from Gene Simmons in drag… is Uncle Jesse. Cast of Characters: Lance Stargrove – John Stamos Danja Deering – Vanity Velvet Von Ragnar – Gene Simmons Arliss – John Anderson Riley – Robert Englund Drew Stargrove – Continue reading What the Hell Were They Thinking?!

Proud Mary

The only rivers this Mary goes rollin’ down are the rivers of blood from her body count. Cast of Characters: Mary Goodwin – Taraji P. Henson Tom – Billy Brown Danny – Jahi Di’Allo Winston Walter – Neal McDonough Uncle Continue reading Proud Mary

The Polka King

Imagine if The Wolf of Wall Street dumped Margot Robbie and cocaine for Jack Black and polka. Cast of Characters: Jan Lewan – Jack Black Marla Lewan – Jenny Slate Mickey Pizzazz – Jason Schwartzman Ron Edwards – J.B. Smoove Bitsy Continue reading The Polka King

Paddington 2

Marmalade is the key to all the world’s problems. Cast of Characters: Henry Brown – Hugh Bonneville Mary Brown – Sally Hawkins Nuckles McGinty – Brendan Gleeson Mrs. Bird – Julie Walters Samuel Gruber – Jim Broadbent Mr. Curry – Continue reading Paddington 2

The Commuter

First it was his daughter, then terrorists on planes, and now trains – can we just let Liam Neeson have one peaceful day all to himself? Cast of Characters: Michael McCauley – Liam Neeson Joanna – Vera Farmiga Det. Alex Continue reading The Commuter

Benjamin’s Stash

The adoption rate just plummeted thanks to this film. Cast of Characters: Kate Coleman – Vera Farmiga John Coleman – Peter Sarsgaard Esther – Isabelle Fuhrman Sister Abigail – C. C. H. Pounder Daniel Coleman – Jimmy Bennett Max Coleman Continue reading Benjamin’s Stash

What the Hell Were They Thinking?!

When the fate of the world rests in the hands of The Worm, its time to just curl up in a ball and kiss your ass goodbye. Cast of Characters: Simon – Dennis Rodman Nick Miranda – Dane Cook Macro Continue reading What the Hell Were They Thinking?!