Behind the Scenes: Unsung Heroes of the Silver Screen

Hello, readers! Today I’m sharing with you a post from that goes in depth on certain aspects of the film industry, and also gives some much deserved due to many involved in the filmmaking process who often get overlooked for the bigger roles such as the actors and directors, a sentiment I strongly echo. While there’s no doubt that both those roles have a great responsibility in making the best film possible, they are only two roles out of many others – writers, editors, cinematographers, art directors, score composers, visual effects artists, etc. – that all share a stake in the outcome of their film.

Seriously, watch Birdemic: Shock and Terror. Never underestimate how important your film and sound editors are to your movie.

Anyways, I’ll let Meadows Farm Studios do the rest of the talking. Please, take a moment and check out their infographic below, and also head over to their website when you get a chance. I’ve provided links to their main page up above, as well as the infographic source which is located down at the bottom of this post.

Behind the Scenes

Infographic source:

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